Learning to cook sushi!

I have a confession to make. Sushi scares me. I never eat it and thus, have never ordered a Japanese dish for myself in a restaurant. I have no idea where this completely irrational fear comes from. I love seafood. I like rice. Vegetables are friends rather than foes where I am concerned. But somehow, when it’s all put together in little parcels (that do actually remind me of eyes); I get a bit nervous about it. Continue reading


My chat with Katie Melua

Katie Melua has a reputation for being a bit of an enigma. She found fame with her debut single The Closest Thing To Crazy in 2003 when she was just 19, has sold 11 million albums, and amassed a £12m fortune. Yet she’s rarely recognised (by fans or paparazzi), has no entourage and spends every summer in a tiny Georgian town with her family. And that’s just fine by her.

Katie MeluaWhen I meet Katie at the Royal Festival Hall at the Southbank Centre, she is overflowing with happiness.
She rarely speaks about her personal life, but she’s not reticent today. She cannot wait to tell me about her new fiancé (superbike racing star James Toseland), her forthcoming wedding (in England later this year) and her plans for the future (more records and then some babies, maybe).

‘Being engaged has made me so happy,’ she trills. ‘You can’t stay excited for months and months, but James proposed on 14 December. He went down on one knee in the Maldives. ‘I was hoping he would, but wasn’t expecting it. We’d only known each other for eight months.’ Continue reading