My chat with Dionne Warwick

‘I want a Tony, an Oscar, and Emmy. Not necessarily in that order,’ Dionne Warwick tells me…

Dionne Warwick is one of popular music’s greatest ever stars – an icon with some 56 Billboard Hot 100 singles to her name. She ranks second only to Aretha Franklin as the most-charted female vocalist.

Currently celebrating 50 years in music, she is marking the phenomenal milestone with a new album – and when we meet in a London hotel suite it’s clear she is a lady with whom success sits comfortably.

What advice would she give anyone coming into the industry now, I ask, as we both look out across a blustery London skyline. Continue reading

‘Fashion is the buzz for the season – style is a way of life’

She has dressed Princess Margaret and Princess Diana. Now, as Caroline Charles celebrates 50 years in fashion, the legendary designer tells me the lessons she has learned…

Caroline Charles chats to Katy Pearson

Caroline Charles

Staying the course for 50 years in anything is an impressive feat. But in the fickle world of fashion it’s an almost unfathomable achievement.

It was 1963 when Caroline Charles made her first samples in a Chelsea attic. Fifty years on, having dressed everyone from royalty to rock stars, she remains one of Britain’s best-loved designers.

As she marks this milestone with a new book, the leading London designer reveals her style tips. Continue reading

The power of the poppy

The Poppy FactoryPoppies and Remembrance Sunday are – in most of our minds – intrinsically linked. Come November lapels without the splash of red look bare and poppy-less people seem to equate to an unpatriotic person.

But where do the 32 million poppies sold and the 100,000 wreaths made every year come from? And just how did they become such a sign of British remembrance?

Say hello to The Poppy Factory.