My chat with Blake

They have fine manners, plentiful Royal connections and count the Queen among their fans. So how will the boys from Blake crown that I ask?

During the Olympic and Diamond Jubilee year, which saw Britain really spread its wings, it’s no surprise that classical boyband Blake has become one of our best-loved exports. After all, their fans include the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge – one of the quartet even went to university with the former Catherine Middleton. In fact, Blake – Humphrey Berney, Ollie Baines, Stephen Bowman and Jules Knight – has performed at Buckingham Palace ‘quite a few times’, delighting in ‘wandering down corridors and going where you’re not supposed to’.

I meet the foursome at Ollie Baines’s west London apartment. As the other chaps arrive (Stephen Bowman on his motorbike), our host brings out a tray loaded with cake, cups, saucers and a fine china teapot. Yes, these men have manners – and they’re not afraid to use them. In fact, they believe they wouldn’t be where they are today without knowing how to behave. Continue reading