My chat with Teri Hatcher

Planes promises to be the family film of the year – and Teri Hatcher has a starring role. But how on earth did she end up playing such a charmingly unlikely part?

The images of Teri Hatcher and a forklift are so disparate one could almost make an argument for them being oxymoronic. So what on earth appealed to her about playing the character of Dottie – a forklift – in Pixar’s much-anticipated new film, Planes?

‘The fact that it’s a Disney animated movie, I guess,’ she grins, looking positively doll-like. ‘I’ve been a big fan my whole life, and they’ve been a big part of my life with my daughter [Emerson, now 15]. They still are.

‘I love making family entertainment, especially the kind that I feel I could some day watch with my grandchild. I didn’t even know I was a forklift. They asked if I wanted to be in the movie, and I was, like, “Sure”.’ Continue reading