Today I’m loving…this easy peasy ice tray

Okay. So ice trays aren’t usually the most exciting of kitchen items (I have a heart-shape set, but that’s usually as thrilling as it gets in our freezer!)

But how fab is this?

Easy peasy ice tray, What katy Wants, Joy the Store

Easy peasy ice tray, £10

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Posy Power

Let your home blossom with beautiful blooms…

The Daily Gazette, Katy Pearson, Essex

The Daily Gazette

The Echo, Katy Pearson, Essex

The Echo

Chelmsford Weekly News, Katy Pearson

Chelmsford Weekly News

Alfresco living

Revel in our super hot temperatures with these…

The Daily Gazette, Katy Pearson, Alfresco

The Daily Gazette

The Echo newspaper, Katy Pearson

The Echo newspaper