Hero places (and people) for new mums

Katy Pearson and Sonny

Getting out and about with Sonny

Leaving the house with your new little one can be epically daunting (I’m sure it’ll wear off eventually, but still) and little things that people and places do – or don’t do – can be the difference between a great day for you and bubba and a I-want-to-cry-I’m-so-useless day (that’s for you – not the baby, they cry however great their day has been.) There should a baby friendly sticker scheme or something.

Until then though, having now had a few weeks of venturing out with Sonny in tow, here’s my – and my NCT mummy chums’ – hero places (and people) for new mums in Leigh-on-Sea (and nearby.) Continue reading


Today I’m loving… my Funki Flamingo baby sling

So when you have a newborn in tow literally everything seems to get just a tad more challenging. Sleeping is obviously pretty much a thing of the past and even finding time to go to the loo is difficult.

So anything that makes the feeding-filled, cry-averting days easier is all good. And my Funki Flamingo baby sling tops the list of things that do that (after the husband of course!) Continue reading

Mummy lessons learnt – newborn to six weeks

Katy Pearson mother to Sonny

Sonny James

Okay. So I’m not going to go into the whole birth thing. Suffice to say it hurts. A lot. But you get an actual baby (hey Sonny!) at the end of it, so it’s all good.

But after six weeks of being a mama to a little boy I love more than life itself there are a few things I have discovered…

  • Poop talk is now your staple conversation topic. Poonamis will be discussed over dinner. You have actual pictures of poo on your phone. And you’re not afraid to group WhatsApp them. You will even leave voicemails about poo. Unashamedly.

Continue reading