Today I’m loving… taking the baby to work!

Gary Pearson and Sonny Pearson
Those reporters seem to be getting younger all the time…

Me and the husband first met in the newsroom. The year was 2003. He was a chief reporter at the Echo newspaper and I was a first year uni student there on work experience.

It was another three years until we started dating. By then I had graduated and was a reporter at News of the World and he was steadily working his way up the rungs in Essex.

Years passed. We married. And eventually we ended up both working in the Echo newsroom again.

And while back there I fell pregnant with our first baby – little Sonny.

So I found it really rather sweet to take our little boy into the office to see his daddy – and all the guys we both work with (some of them who remember when we first met!)

And of course we had to get a picture or two of our Echo baby Sonny at his daddy’s desk. Nothing like starting the little fella off young is there…

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