Today I’m loving… baby yoga

Katy Pearson son Sonny
Sonny on his yoga mat

The first Baby Bumpkin class I attended (at Leigh Community Centre) worked a kind of magic.

That night Sonny slept from midnight to 6.30am. In his crib. And woke up smiling. It may be a coincidence, but I don’t think so.

Tatty Bumpkin classes use fun, yoga-inspired stories to encourage movement and enhance development in babies and children 6 weeks to 7-years-old. (Baby Bumpkin classes are for babies 0-2 years and Tatty Bumpkin 2-7 years.)

The sessions focus on the well-being of both child and parent. And all the wiggling, colours and playing sure knackers out the little folk!

In all honesty, Sonny did seem more interested in the other babies than the bright props. He kept giving the cute eight-week-old little girl on the mat next to him his best gummy smile, instead of focusing on the ribbons I was waving in his face.

But we learnt lots of fun ways to get him exercising. From cycling his cubby little legs (oh I could just eat them!) to waving his arms like a seagull, the Baby Bumpkin sessions (I’ve signed up for a six week block) are sure way to get my little guy’s mind and body active…and tired! Which should make for a sleepy baby at bedtime. Which can only be a super good thing. For his daddy and me as well as him!

Find out more about Baby Bumpkin classes at

2 thoughts on “Today I’m loving… baby yoga

  1. These classes are worthwhile, they are excellent for baby, and mum gets a bit of a work out and a change of scenery too!

  2. Ah, so chuffed you and Sonny enjoyed the class! ๐Ÿ™‚
    With that gorgeous gummy smile, I’m sure the girls will
    be fighting over the little man each week! More bendy fun on Monday when we go to the beach and splash splash in
    Rock pools, wave our starfish tentacles whilst reciting poetry
    and….. a not to be missed game of crab football! Xx

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