Today I’m loving… The Dressmaker, in Leigh-on-Sea

Katy Pearson, Gary Pearson and Sonny Jim
My perfect post-pregnancy outfit

When one of your husband’s best friends is getting married just seven weeks after you’ve given birth, figuring out what to wear is something of a challenge.

It’s not like it’s worth buying something while you’re still pregnant because, let’s face it, you’ve got no idea what your post-baby figure is going to look like. And yes, you’ve got loads of nice frocks in your closet, but who wants the spectre of your pre-pregnancy size eight clothes looming that large that soon after a little person has vacated your being. Why put yourself in that I-can’t-get-it-over-my-bum-let-alone-zip-it-up hell any sooner than you need to? Which leaves you shopping for something new. With a newborn. And your baby belly still very much in evidence. Which is *not* the kind of thing shopping trip dreams are made of.

Which is why the Dressmaker, in Broadway West, has proved to be my new favourite thing.

The bespoke dress shop was opened in November 2015 by seamstress Kim Cannon-Carter, after she had spent 15 years working out of studios.

Katy Pearson and Sonny Jim
Sonny Jim’s matching bow tie

And for our friends’ wedding (congrats Mr and Mrs Wolff!) I took advantage of her skills to have a skirt custom-made, which meant I could be certain it would fit – whatever shape pregnancy left my figure in. I gave her the date of the wedding, when I would need the skirt for and she was happy to measure me just two weeks before and make the skirt to fit.

The finished skirt (a high-waisted, 1950s style creation) cost me £60, and I could pick whatever fabric I wanted. A further £10 got me a tiny bow tie to match for little Sonny Jim and a matching pocket square for the husband

And the compliments I got at the wedding were a very welcome boost for this new mamma. So much so that I think I’ll be back to the Dressmaker for another creation very soon…

PS My beauty top tip for other new mums going to weddings (or any nice event actually?) Get your hair done the evening before in a style you can sleep in and not need do anything with. Because you just *know* that with all you need to do to get the little un ready you’re going to totally run out of time to do your own hair on the morning of the wedding. I had my hair styled at Blushbar – the Blow Dry Bar, Leigh Road, and all I did was add the daisies on the day.

Pictures by Sarah Briggs

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