Today I’m loving… Fred & Noah trousers

Sonny Jim, Sonny Pearson, Fred and Noah, baby fashion
Having a whale of a time in his Fred & Noah trousers

When it comes to dressing my baby boy, the more colourful the clothes the better.

I figure there’s plenty of time for boring clothes when Sonny Jim is grown up.

But finding fun fashion for the little guy isn’t always that easy. Much of the High Street, when it comes to boys – baby girls are another matter entirely! – is much of a muchness and even a little bland.

Which is why discovering Fred & Noah ( on the Neliana ( stand at the Baby Project, in Leigh-on-Sea, made me *so* happy!

From whales and foxes to raccoons and hummingbirds, the prints on the uni-sex leggings and shorts are exactly what children’s fashion should be all about.

Sizes range from 0-4 years and all the clothing (they do T-shirts, hoodies, bibs and booties too) is made in the UK. And, fun stuff aside, the fabrics are natural and organic, which mean the clobber is kind to little ones’ skin too. And they’re not silly expensive either.

So obviously I’ve started stocking up. In fact it’s just as well Fred & Noah only go up to age 4, else I think I’d be tempted to give a pair a whirl myself..!

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