Today we’re loving… baby massage for dads!

Gary Pearson, Sonny Pearson, Sonny Jim, Basking Babies, baby massage
Daddy gets to grips with some baby massage!

By the husband (Gary Pearson)

I have to admit I was a little dubious about Basking Babies’ Baby Massage for Dads class, I thought it very much sounded like something “for Mums”.

Nevertheless I agreed to give it a whirl, and I’m glad I did, as the little lad loved it!

As part of the Basking Babies holistic health and happiness programme the 90-minute session took place in instructor Becca’s front room in Leigh-on-Sea. Fellow instructor Lianne ran the session. The mums can come along too and enjoy a cup of tea and cake (and a chat) in the kitchen while the dads get down to business.

Three other dads and their little ones plus Sonny Jim and me made up the very personal, informative and relaxed group. I soon learned how to stretch, sooth and safely manoeuvre the little guy, who was smiles galore. You learn to massage legs, arms, shoulders, face, back, the lot. It’s great for bonding too.

I couldn’t believe how tired Sonny Jim got though, and by the time we were on back massage he was super pooped and fell asleep (after a bit of a cry!) as I listened intently to Lianne, so I could go through the moves at home another day.

The other little ones drifted in and out of sleep (or tired tears) too during the session. It really is a surprise how much it takes out of them. At the end, dad got some homemade cake and tea too before being packed off with a simple guide to doing the whole routine at home – and some massage oil to use.

On the way home – after a big I’m-so-tired-daddy-cry – Sonny Jim slept, well, like a baby and I was glad my initial dubiousness hadn’t stopped me from learning some really worthwhile and simple skills.

To find out more about Basking Babies classes, go to

2 thoughts on “Today we’re loving… baby massage for dads!

  1. Can’t believe you were there too. We did the 10.30 session. My husband really enjoyed it. Did you do the four week course yourself as well? Xxx

  2. How funny! We seem to be in a lot of the same places at the mo! Haven’t done the four-week course yet. Have you? Xx

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