Yay to another year older! Happy birthday to me

My biggest blessing Katy Pearson
My biggest blessing

At the grand old age of 32 I am now older than one of my best friends when she died.

When Vic was 31 she was fighting the bravest of battles against lung cancer. A battle she lost some seven months short of her 32nd in 2013.

By contrast I spent most of my 31st year pregnant with my much-longed for first child (my little Sonny Jim.)

And today I’m celebrating my 32nd – a year my darling girl Vic never reached – with my 4-month-old boy – a little lad she would have loved so much.

There’s a saying that getting old is a privilege denied to many – and it’s true. So today, rather than moan that I’m getting old, that I’m getting wrinkles, that the baby woke me up at 4am, I’m counting my blessings with my Sonny Jim giggling on my lap.

Happy birthday to me.

A note from beyond. Read Vic’s last letter here

One thought on “Yay to another year older! Happy birthday to me

  1. Katy – here I am sat with tears in my eyes. Your friend Vicky would have loved your Sonny and proud to have you as her friend. Happy Birthday xxx

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