Today we’re loving… baby swimming lessons

s2s Swim School class, Katy Pearson
Sonny Jim and his buddies at his first s2s Swim School class

I grew up on an island. So for my parents it was super important that I learnt to swim as soon as possible. If you’re going to be surrounded water it’s best you know what to do if you find yourself in it!

The early lessons for me paid off – I’ve always loved the water. In fact, I probably spent the majority of my childhood splashing about some place or another.

And now I’ve got a little one of my own, I want the same for him. For him to be happy and confident as a child in water. For him never to be scared of the sea, or frightened when he sees an expanse of water.

I started looking for swimming classes for Sonny Jim when he was about eight weeks old. But my goodness what a mission! Most baby swim schools in Leigh-on-Sea and the near vicinity don’t take babies under six months – and those that do take them younger get booked up scary fast.

s2s swim school, Katy Pearson
Sonny Jim and his swim pals making a splash

In the end it was thanks to one of my NCT mummy friends that Sonny Jim got enrolled at s2s Swim School (based in Rochford in a hydrotherapy pool.) She had booked in her daughter, Jemima, and was very impressed. A conversation with the school’s Suzie and Sarah followed and they said they were happy to take on a class made up of just our NCT group. Which was perfect for all six of us mummies!

So, a few weeks shy of his six month birthday, Sonny Jim had his first proper swimming lesson (a little splash with me and his daddy at Belfairs School doesn’t really count!) And it was BRILLIANT. Plenty of songs and splashing meant Sonny Jim had an absolute whale of a time. And it’s such a sensory overload that he was super chilled (and sleepy) for a couple of hours afterwards.

It’s safe to say we plan to keep these lessons going for a long time to come!

For more information on s2s Swim School, go to

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