Mummy lessons learnt – six months old

Sonny Jim, Katy Pearson
Six months old and super cute!

I truly, truly cannot believe my little guy is six months old. He’s a proper little character now and seems to be doing new things every single day.

And while Sonny Jim is busy discovering the world around him (toes are endlessly fascinating now as is his, um, winkle – I never knew the obsession started so young!!) I’m also learning new things all the time. Here are just a few of them…

    • I spend all day chatting away to Sonny Jim, sometimes he squeals in response, sometimes he falls asleep while I’m mid-sentence. This practice (great for teaching him to speak apparently) means I am now unable to stop the running commentary. Even when he is in his cot asleep, I find myself downstairs babbling away to myself. I fear I may do this in public too.

  • The squeals and shrieks and giggles are just too cute! It might be 4am but when he laughs and attempts what I think is a big sloppy kiss on my face, you can’t help but fall in love with him all over again
  • Teething. Oh god. The teething. It’s painful for Sonny Jim, but my god is it knackering me out too. It’s like getting a newborn again when it comes to sleeping. We had something of a routine going. In fact, we were rocking our routine and sleeping till about 6am. Teething has basically had him up almost hourly. Crying actual tears. It’s heartbreakingly tiring. A plea on facebook gave me lots of suggestions from other mummies on what worked for them. We’re trying them all. Amber bracelets. Powders. Gels. Chewy things cooled in the fridge. Cool boiled water on muslins. With the exception of a dose of Calpol nothing seems to help for more than 10 minutes. And I’ve yet to see an actual tooth.

    Weaning, Sonny Jim, Katy Pearson
    Is there anything more fun than giving your baby food for the first time?
  • Four month sleep regression. This is an actual thing. I know. I didn’t know either. But this is when babies’ sleep cycles begin to be like adults and they go from deep to light sleep when snoozing. So they wake up. A lot. And when you throw a bit of teething in the mix, well, let’s just forget about sleep hey?
  • Ewan the sheep is my new best friend. I bought him as Sonny Jim was turning six months (a late comer to the party I know!) and while he might look like a lamb possessed with that red glow in his belly he seems to really, really help settle the little man.
  • Rolling. Sonny Jim has been able to roll happily on to his front for about three months now, but has only just started to figure out how to to roll from his front to his back. When he got super au fait with the back-to-front roll he did it a lot. And then cried when he didn’t want to be on his front anymore. One afternoon this happened 22 times in a row.
  • My little buddha. Sonny Jim is now sitting up. It’s the cutest thing. We have to strategically place cushions around him as his wobbles like a little weeble when he’s not concentrating, but it’s amazing how much happier he is sitting up than laying down.

    Sitting up, Sonny Jim, Katy Pearson
    My little weeble
  • Weaning is epic. There are actually few things funnier in life than when you first start giving your baby a taste of food. I started Sonny Jim off on pureed stuff a few weeks shy of six months as he’d spent weeks staring longingly at his dad’s breakfasts and my lunches, imitating us chewing and trying to grab anything he could off our plates (there was quite a close encounter with a chocolate cake, but the less said about that the better.) Thus far he seems to like banana, carrot, avocado, peas, brocoli, peach, cabbage, brussels, aubergine, runner beans, apple, plum, pear (even though the tartness made him shudder!) He’s unsure about potato. And HATES sweet potato. Honestly the looks we got when we fed him sweet potato had us in stitches. I’m still giggling about in now as I type. I may actually send the video off to you You’ve Been Framed. Of course sweet potato was the *only* one I made a massive batch load of and froze. Useful.
  • Crib to cot is a bit of a trauma. So the little dude is no longer a third wheel in our bedroom at bedtime. He’s in his cot. In the nursery. A whole other room. I found the move of about 10ft quite tough. I *may* have actually slept on the nursery floor the first night he was in there. I’ve found the Angelcare AC1100 digital video and sound baby monitor very helpful with managing to actually sleep in a different room to him. I’m not sure at what point I’ll be okay with switching the breathing sensor off (when he’s 18 maybe?) but I’ll worry about that some other time.

    Rocking bear, Sonny Jim, Katy Pearson
    New things every day. The boy on his rocking bear
  • It may be the slight lack of sleep, but my tolerance levels of certain people has gone through the floor. People I’m mostly raging about are fat, sweaty old men on stupidly, stupidly loud motorbikes – who like to rev them RIGHT NEXT TO THE PRAM. In which the baby has JUST gone to sleep in (having not slept all night). Likewise, white van men. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that you find the sight of me with my greasy Croydon facelift ponytail, no make-up face and sick-splattered top worthy of a beep and a hollered “alright love!” But seriously. I’m pushing a pram with a baby in that HAS JUST FALLEN ASLEEP.  Your toot, that makes him jump out of his skin and wail, means I’m most certainly NOT ALRIGHT. Thanks and all that, but can you save your appreciation for a pram-less hottie?
  • Finally (for today!) I actually already miss my newborn (yes I did actually write that.) I may totally, totally need my head read, but I’m already broody for the tiny baby Sonny Jim was. He’s a proper little boy now, and though it’s so amazingly wonderful I do miss that tiny little twig-like alien-seeming creature. Best not tell the hubby though…

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