Radio station to help babies sleep? Yes please!

Katy Pearson, Sonny Jim, sleeping
Sounds to help babies like Sonny Jim snooze

When it comes to sleeping, we can’t *really* grumble about Sonny Jim.

He does sleep at night. In his cot, in the nursery. And he generally only wakes up once or twice between 7pm and 6am – and usually just needs a bit of reassurance to get back to sleep. Unless he’s teething. Or got a cold. Or a cough. Or is going through a growth spurt.

But anyway. While the hubby and me are rattling around of an evening, Ewan the sheep helps stop Sonny Jim for being disturbed. Annoyingly though, the white noise and womb sounds only play for 15-20mins. Which means one of us is constantly nipping upstairs to press it again. And again. And again.

Which is why news of Sleepyhead Radio, which plays soothing sounds from the home and nature, has more than caught my attention.

Launched in Portsmouth, if the pilot baby radio scheme goes well, it could be rolled out across the UK – and it can’t come to Essex soon enough.

Presenter, Sam Oakley, came up with the idea for the station after struggling to get her son to sleep and realising there was probably lots of other parents in the same boat (Oh hi! That’ll be us then.)

Her son, George, would only sleep by the tumble dryer so she made a recording of it to help him sleep.

When other parents wanted a copy she produced a CD containing a range of soothing sounds.

Before the launch, the sounds were available to download or on CD.

The most popular tracks downloaded were tumble dryer, dishwasher, hairdryer (when Sonny Jim was very little a hairdryer was one of the only things that would settle him!) fan heater, and shower sounds.

And now they’re playing out across the airwaves in Portsmouth. Hands up who else wants a bit of baby radio on their airwaves for bedtime?!

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