FREE! Bag yourself a year’s free OnlineGym4me membership – worth £58.80

I don’t know about you, but what with having had a baby recently vacate my being – and then deprive me of quite a lot of sleep –  I’ve found working out hasn’t *exactly* been top of my to do list.

By that, I mean I have yet (Sonny Jim is now 9 months old) to actually get to the gym.

In fairness, I wasn’t a real gym bod before. Yoga once or twice a week, was about as far as things went for me.

But this (almost a year long. Shh) malaise cannot continue.


I’ve teamed up with OnlineGym4me and tried their New Mommy, Fit Body Online Workout Program. Which can be done at home. In 15 minutes.

The three-week online workout program promises to help you achieve the best shape of your life and feel strong at the same time – while allowing you to incorporate exercise into your somewhat busy (sleep-deprived) schedule.

The program is led by OnlineGym4me instructor Monique and consists of six classes, each lasting just 15 minutes. You can do the program whenever you find a little time, and you can do each class as many times you want or even pause it if your, ahem, new mum duties can’t wait.

Fancy giving the six sessions a whirl for free? Here’s the link!

Want to give more programs a go? (Well done you full of energy person you) Readers of What Katy Did can bag a free year’s membership, worth £58.80. Here’s the link. Enjoy.

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