We’re loving… Childs Farm baby range

Childs Farm, Sonny Jim, Katy Pearson, eczema, bathime
Soothing: Sonny Jim’s eczema isn’t aggravated by Childs Farm’s baby bedtime bubbles

Before having Sonny Jim, I had no idea that one in five under fives suffered from eczema.

To be fair, even after having Sonny Jim, I still didn’t. It was only when a viral infection (that lasted five weeks and saw three trips to the doctors and one to A&E) triggered severe eczema all over my now ten-month-old baby, that eczema was everywhere in our little world.

Out of nowhere, Sonny Jim suddenly had a rash all over his poor little face, back, tummy and it had started spreading to his arms and legs. It was so much, and so sudden I was utterly CONVINCED he had measles. Or slapped cheek. Or maybe German measles. (I knew it wasn’t meningitis as I had been doing the glass test. A lot.)

It wasn’t any of those things though. It was *just* eczema. And so we entered a land of lotions and potions, of creams and oils. And bubbles at bathtime became a source of much consideration.

It was at this point that I discovered the Childs Farm baby range. It uses natural “free from” ingredients and essential oils in its toiletries. Unlike many other ranges, it has undergone clinical tests and actual controlled user trials to certify the products are dermatologically tested and pediatrician approved. Most importantly, it’s suitable for babies with eczema-prone skin.

Sonny Jim’s eczema has calmed down a little bit now – thankfully (though there’s a lot of cream still going on at the moment – and we may not have got the combination quite right yet.) But we’ve both been pretty happy to discover that Childs Farm’s baby bedtime bubbles (infused with organic tangerine oil) isn’t aggravating it.

As you can see, this boy is still pretty happy with his bubbles at bathtime!

We were gifted this set of toileteries by Childs Farm.

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