Review: Motorola MBP855 Connect video baby monitor

MBP855 Connect , Katy Pearson, Sonny Jim, #whatkatydidUK
While Sonny Jim slept – the MBP855 Connect watched

When Sonny Jim was first born we didn’t have a monitor.

He slept in the crib in our room when we were in bed – and when we were up he slept where we were, in a sling or the pram or a rocker.

When he started waking up less though and moved into his own room I suddenly realised just how badly we needed a good monitor.

We went for the Angelcare video, movement and sound monitor because a few of my mummy friends had it – and they really rated it.

And it’s been great. The sensor pad has kept this worried mama reassured past Sonny Jim’s first birthday. And the range meant I could be in the garden and still see and hear my boy.

However. It’s not very portable. So when I was offered the chance to try out the MBP855 Connect video baby monitor by Motorola, I was more than happy to.

And it turns out it’s pretty great!

The MBP855 allows you to watch your baby from anywhere and anytime.

It’s got all the thing you’d expect from a £229.99 monitor (large 5″ colour display, infrared night vision, a pan, tilt and zoom function on the camera, two way communication, zoom…)

Then with the Hubble Connected app, you can receive sound, motion and room temperature notifications on your smart devices. And the timeline feature on the app allows motion detected clips to be stored, ready for playback so you don’t miss anything.

Plus the portable rechargeable video baby monitor has a 300m range, so you can move the monitor to whatever room where your child is in – handy when you’ve got a need-to-be-everywhere toddler.

But the best thing for us when we tried this out (in a caravan in Devon on our first family holiday. Yes really) was the star grip.

It meant you could fix and keep the camera at different angles and locations – rather than just balancing or standing it where you can. Which is super handy.

In short then, I’m not surprised that since trying this out the MBP855 has won Gold in the Baby and Toddler Gear Awards 2017 and a Gold award by Loved by Parents!

It’s definitely an investment worth making.

Motorola MBP855 Connect Video Baby Monitor is available now for £229.99 at major retailers, including Tesco Direct, Boots, John Lewis and Amazon.

I was gifted this monitor to review. I have not been paid to write this review.

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