Bins, pumps and muslins… my mama must-haves

Katy Pearson, Sonny Jim, #whatkatydidUK, Funki Flamingo
As snug as… a tiny Sonny Jim in a sling

Friends of ours are expecting twins (TWINS!!) next Spring.

We met up last weekend and after nattering all things baby for a bit, the mummy-to-be confessed that she felt totally clueless about all the stuff that she’d actually need when the babies arrive.

I was exactly the same. And there’s a whole huge industry out there preying on the ignorance of parents-to-be.

So here’s my mini list of the items I found most useful when Sonny Jim arrived. If you’re going to a baby shower any time soon, trust me, these will be a lot more helpful than an expensive newborn outfit that they are literally going to wear once…

    • A proper nappy bin. Okay, it’s not glamorous, but the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Bin, actually is worth buying. Yes, you have buy refills but you can put a stinky nappy in it and it doesn’t make the whole house pong.
    • A Sling. I got a Funky Flamingo sling when Sonny Jim was a couple of weeks old and it changed my life. I had two hands free, while keeping him cuddled up. He napped in it better than anywhere else.
    • A playmat. When they’re teeny and they stay where you put them a colourful playmat is the best thing.
    • A monitor. We didn’t buy our Angelcare AC1100 Digital Video, Movement and Sound Baby Monitor until Sonny Jim was a few months old. It was expensive and I was sure we could manage with something cheaper. We couldn’t.
    • A bottle set. I planned to exclusively breastfeed. It didn’t work. The MAM bottle starter set someone bought me at my baby shower was a godsend.
    • A breast pump. So useful. And so not something you’ll fancy shopping for when your baby is here!
    • SweetDreamers Ewan the dream sheep (or any white noise machine.) It’ll save you resorting youTube videos on your phone. Or your hairdryer.
    • Muslins. There are never enough. Never.

I’d love to know what your mummy must-haves were with a newborn. Do let me know in the comments below!

This post was first published in the Echo newspaper on Friday, September 15 2017:

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