A me&i moment…

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Nee-naws: My Sonny Jim in one of his terrific me&i T-shirts

When I was about 18, Ann Summers parties were a big thing. Cocktails and smutty chatter were the main thrust of the night. I actually know a girl who bought THREE rampant rabbits.

Fast-forward a decade, a few of us had our own mortgaged places, a few were married, a few even had a baby or two, and Jamie Oliver bashes were the way to spend an evening, a glass of wine in hand. I once spent an RIDIKULOUS amount of money on a squirrel-shaped nutcracker – that broke the first time I attempted to crack a nut with it.

Now a mama to the most darling of little lads, I think I truly realised that I’d entered another era when I threw my own me&i party. It was a lunchtime affair. With tea and coffee and cakes. And babies crawling around our feet. And the most LOVELY clothes for little ones (and, er, mums.) I first discovered me&i when one of my most favourite places to shop for Sonny Jim, Groovy Baby, in Leigh Road, Leigh, became a stockist. #

me&i is a Swedish clothing company that makes clothes with a unique design and comfortable fit. They use high quality soft materials and manufacture clothes in a responsible manner in Portugal and Turkey.

With colour and design the founders (Susan Engvall and Helene Nyrell) create a unisex and fun look, which stands out from pretty much everything else on the high street today.

They launch new collections (kid’s and women’s) twice a year. And, admittedly, they’re not cheap. But the baby clothes are made from the softest cotton. That’s 100% organic. And the bits I’ve bought for my boy have quickly become my favourite items in his wardrobe. And they wash up like a dream.

So from one mummy to another, if you get invited to a me&i party you need to go (there’s no obligation to buy anything at the parties. And no minimum spend either. Phew. But you DO get lots of lovely goodies to say thanks for hosting.) Honestly, just go to the party. Or host one. That is unless you’re not prepared to want to buy everything

Check out the current collection and find out how to host your own me&i party, go to www.meandi.com/en

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