Why we should all be more toddler… well, sometimes!

Sonny Jim, toddler, Katy Pearson
Hang-up free: Sonny Jim

A massive part of being a parent is spent (obviously) trying to teach your little ones how to be decent people. It’s the main reason (aside from trying to keep them alive!) mums of toddlers seem to spend almost their entire waking hours repeating things like “no”, “ta, say ta”, “it’s good to share, remember?”

But watching Sonny Jim, I’m increasingly beginning to think that us grown ups could actually learn a thing or two from our youngsters. Here are some of them…

They have no issue saying no

So much of adult life is spent doing things we would rather not being doing, simply because we feel bad saying no. Toddlers have no problem making it quite clear that they don’t want to do something/eat something/go somewhere.

Forget body hang-ups

Ask Sonny Jim where his tummy is, and he will proudly remove any item of clothing covering it to show you it. And when does wiggling your squishy bum and dancing become something only to be done after copious amounts of wine?

You snooze you lose

Prior to having Sonny Jim, I was a big, HUGE, fan of sleeping in. Days off invariably didn’t begin until at least lunch time. However, by 6.30am my boy has generally managed to chat for at least an hour. Play with – and discard – about 20 toys. Bounce on mummy and daddy’s bed. Make 25 attempts to stand on mummy’s head. Fall over about twice. Had about three minor meltdowns. Dispatched innumerable kisses. What a work ethic.

Grudges? What are grudges?

Toddlers can have a full-on plank-on-the-floor-crying-real-tears-screaming-in-your-face meltdown and then ten minutes later they have their arms wrapped around you, giggling as they attempt to give you an Eskimo kiss.

Their single-minded pursuit of goals

If I could apply the same dogged determination to life as Sonny Jim does to trying to open stairgates, I’d probably be a millionaire by now.

No fear of rejection

If Sonny Jim wants a cuddle, he doesn’t hesitate to throw his arms around you. The thought that his affection might not be reciprocated just isn’t there. We should all hug more.

A version of this post was first published in the Echo newspaper on Friday, December 1, 2017: www.echo-news.co.uk

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