Mama to mama, I feel a bit sorry for the Duchess

Katy Pearson, Sonny Jim. #WhatkatydidUK
At least the world’s eyes weren’t on me! At our friends’ wedding, six weeks after giving birth

There’s very little to feel sorry for, when it comes to the life of the Duchess of Cambridge.

She married an actual Prince. She has designers falling over themselves to dress her. Has great hair. And access to A LOT of diamonds. Two super cute kids. People whose job it is to make sure her life runs smoothly.

But. BUT.

A few weeks after giving birth to her third child, she will be going to her brother-in-law’s wedding.

And pretty much the whole world will be watching.

Six weeks after I gave birth to Sonny Jim, one of my husband’s best mates got married. It was a humanist ceremony. In a field. With the reception in a big tipi.

It was a brilliant day, but I was still in somewhat of a new mum haze. I was still expressing. I was still a bit sore. I still – obviously – had a mummy tummy going on. And was still feeling a bit emotional.

And I can’t imagine, even with all the hired help in the world, the very best nannies, and the most talented stylists on hand, that Kate is going to feel much different.

Plus, she has those two other little ones to keep in line too. And even princes and princesses can throw tantrums and/or cause all sorts of mischief.

Every single bit of her appearance is going to be analysed. She is going to want/need to look amazing. When in reality, all she probably wants to be doing is sitting at home (on a donut pillow) with her newborn, in her dressing gown, unworried about her leaking boobs, with the ability to breath out without people commenting on her tummy.

Duchess or not. That post-partum period is intense. So I do feel just a little bit of pang for Wills’ missus.

I suppose the only plus side is that maybe, just maybe, everyone will be so distracted by build up to Harry and Meghan’s wedding that the bump-watch scrutiny will be just a little less full on than previously.

2 thoughts on “Mama to mama, I feel a bit sorry for the Duchess

  1. Oohhhh I was a bridesmaid 4 weeks after giving birth to my 9lb 7 whopper Joseph. I was also breast feeding. My boobs were up and down all day because he constantly fed. Such glam lol

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