Yes, he’s a boy… and, yes, his hair’s better than yours

Sonny Jim, long hair don't care. Katy Pearson
#Boy: Long hair don’t care

It’s not unusual for my little boy to be mistaken for a girl.

Usually I correct them without a second thought – carrying on the conversation and just saying “he” instead of “she”.

Sometimes people apologise profusely and seem fearful they’ve caused deep offence. Others (especially if they’re older) seem simply unable to process the fact he is a boy. And continue to say what a “pretty girl” he is.

But you’ve got to expect it when your son has long hair like Sonny Jim.

He’ll be two next month, and we’ve never cut his hair. When he was born, he had a full head of black, straight locks.

By the time he was a few months old it had thinned and lightened, but then it grew, and grew, going a gorgeous golden colour and falling into the sweetest curls.It’s honestly the most lovely hair I’ve seen on a tot. And we’ve no intention of cutting it any time soon, especially as Sonny Jim is perfectly content with it, twirling it when he’s tired and happily brushing it off his face should it ever fall across his eyes.

But as a mama of a boy with long hair, there are a few things that I’m discovering are something of a regular occurrence…

  • His hair is a major conversation topic.
    Forget hello, it’s not uncommon for Sonny Jim to be greeted with the exclamation, “oh look at your HAIR!”
  • His hair is something of a beacon for hands.
    Adults seem unable to resist giving his silky curls a stroke (I’m guilty of this myself) and children have been known to give it a tug.
  • You will be asked several times a week when you’re going to get it cut
    Often by complete (yes, older) strangers. Doesn’t it get in his eyes, they ask? Oo he’s going to get some stick when he’s bigger, they’ll assert. You must have wanted a girl, they’ll wonder aloud. Yes, it is a little grating, but there’s plenty of time for shorn hair when he’s big.

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