Reasons my child has cried this week…

Sonny Jim, Katy Pearson, tantrum, #whatkatydidUK
Post-tantrum: Sad times

It’s Sonny Jim’s birthday next week… but he’s made a bit of an early start on the terrible twos.

The tantrums and the oh-so-dramatic tears would actually be pretty funny if, a) they weren’t so loud and b) it wasn’t my child doing it.

I know I’m not the only mama who is trying to navigate their way through their days without triggering a scene that would leave the Hunk looking like a calm and rational being.

So, in the spirit of solidarity, here are some of the reasons my child has cried this week…

    • The washing machine stopped
    • I wouldn’t turn the street lights on
    • I gave him his lunch (he wanted his lunch)
    • I didn’t let him stand in dog poo
    • The washing basket didn’t fit in the washing machine

  • I gave him a green spoon. Not the blue spoon.
  • The dog walked past him.
  • I broke his biscuit in half
  • I gave him a biscuit that wasn’t broken in half
  • Someone ate the whole bag of crisps (it was him)
  • I wouldn’t put his two-sizes -too-small shoes on him
  • I shut the curtains
  • His sock came off (he took it off)
  • I put an empty cereal box in the bin
  • I went to the loo
  • He sneezed
  • The lady in the shop said hello
  • A raindrop landed on his hand
  • The oven ate his dinner

PS If you were in Irma’s, Leigh, the other afternoon when Sonny Jim decided highchairs were some kind of torture device and that I was clearly trying to poison him with the super tasty bambino pizza I do apologise. And I’d also like to add it was his idea to eat nothing but a slice of dry white bread for supper… not mine!

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