Yes the duchess looked fab… why wouldn’t she?

Katy Pearson, Sonny Jim, Gary Pearson
Not quite as put together as the duchess: Our first night at home with our boy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, it won’t have escaped your notice that we have a new baby prince – little Louis Arthur Charles.

And on Monday, the Duchess of Cambridge, appeared mere hours after giving birth to her third child, at the hospital entrance looking like she’d been on a relaxing spa weekend or something.

She looked absolutely immaculate… which is a little awe-inspiring when just seven hours earlier she’d been reaching the end of a five-hour labour.

But, somewhat depressingly, her post-partum appearance now appears to be something to be criticised, with some claiming it puts pressure on all new mums to look that put together.


Can we just all take a minute and get a bit of perspective?

Yes, seven hours after giving birth to Sonny Jim, I did NOT look like that.

I was mostly wincing, in a dressing gown open to the waist, baby at my boob, unbrushed hair bunged in a bun, with not a scrap on make-up on.

And I didn’t care one jot.

But I’m not married to our future king. And no one was going to publish photos of me and my boy all over the world.

If they were, I’m pretty sure I would have thought about putting some clothes on. And running a brush through my hair. I imagine most of us would. Looking rough after having a baby isn’t a badge of honour. It’s just how it goes, for most of us.

Catherine is obviously a real trooper. Yes, she has a great stylist and hairdresser. But walking (not waddling) in heels (!) when a baby has just exited your being is hard core. She smiled. She waved. She showed off her babe, and then she went home. Where I imagine she took off her tights, her make-up and pretty pearl earrings and snuggled up with her new little boy. Fair play, girl.

Besides, we all know she had huge granny pants on underneath, anyway.

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