Thank you to the dads who make us who we are

Father's Day, Gary Pearson, Sonny Jim

I can’t imagine anyone will have missed the fact that tomorrow is Father’s Day.

Hardware stores must do their best business in the first weeks of June and sales of bacon probably go up as fry ups are prepared.

But too often the role of daddy is seen as secondary to mummy, surplus to requirements in many ways when it comes to parenting. And admittedly, some dads ARE rubbish. Those mamas, single-handedly doing both the job of mum and dad, are nothing short of heroes in my book.

Yet there are a lot of good uns. And the most important thing they ever do, is just be there. Whether it’s a snatched kiss before bedtime,  a cuddle on the couch, or push on the swing, those moments are like tiny beads on the necklace of a child’s life. A tiny, tangible bit of love that helps build them a brighter world.

I’m lucky to have brilliant dads in my life.

My own dad still drops everything and anything to be there for his four kids – despite us all being grown-up, having our own houses, and in some cases, spouses.

I’ve never doubted for a single second that he has my back. From teaching me to ride a bike and plaiting my hair for ballet, to driving my getaway car when I posted my first Valentine’s Day card, he has unfailingly been there, cup of tea in hand, ready to mend whatever is broken.

This is my husband’s third Father’s Day as a daddy. Every day he gets up with our boy and makes his breakfast. Before heading off to the office where he works long hours to make his lad’s life as lovely as it can be. And he allows me to immerse myself so completely in being a mummy, that he must sometimes wonder where his wife has gone.

So happy Father’s Day, dads. Thanks for all you do. Even (and especially!) the bits you think no one notices…

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