You could save a boy’s life in just a few minutes

Shelley Legge, Gold Geese, #SwabforCharlie
Fighter mum: Shelley Legge

FROM the moment that my little boy was placed into my arms, I knew I would do anything for him.

There was literally nothing I would not be prepared to do to keep him safe and well.

He was, and is, the most precious thing in the world to me.

Which is why I cannot even begin to imagine the heartache endured by mums with poorly little ones. It must be the most horribly helpless feeling.

Leigh-on-Sea’s Shelley Legge, 38, is living that nightmare. Her 15-year-old lad has two rare types of blood cancer and is in desperate need of a transplant.

I chatted to her last Sunday at the #SwabforCharlie drive in Old Leigh, organised by Southend charity Gold Geese.

I was one of hundreds that turned up to be swabbed and added to the bone marrow register, in the hope of being the match that could save a life.

When I spoke to Shelley, she’d just ran a half marathon. The run was another way to raise awareness. One of the many things that she is doing to try and help her brave boy. To find a way to make him better. To save his life.

She told me it took her nine months for Charlie’s cancer to be identified. That she was fobbed off time and time again with a psychosomatic diagnosis. That her concerns were not taken seriously, as she watched her boy get sicker and sicker. It was only because of her dogged determination and literally begging a (finally receptive) doctor to “LOOK AT HIM” that his cancer was diagnosed.

And now it’s a race against time to save him.

So, while I’m now on the list – and hundreds of you are too after Sunday – more, so many more people need to be.

As a mum, my heart is aching for Shelley. I want to make her boy better. You should too. And maybe you can. Please, please join the register. Go to

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