Is ignorance really bliss when it comes to your fertility?

Katy Pearson, pregnant
Throwback: Just days before I gave birth to Sonny Jim

Knowledge is power – or so the saying goes. But sometimes the more information you have, the harder stuff seems.

Take fertility, for instance.

Having had a successful round of IVF, three unsuccessful rounds of IUI, six months of clomid treatments and years of hospital appointments, I’d say I’m pretty well versed in this area of life.

I’m under no illusion that I can just have another baby at some time in the future (though medically, there’s no reason why that couldn’t happen – oh the joys of unexplained infertility!)

I know that post-35 the chances of IVF working start to drop – and dramatically. That when you hit 35 the risks – to mum and baby – rise rapidly. That you’re actually classed as a “geriatric mother” in medical terms.

I know all of this, but at 34, it sometimes feels like information overload.

Which is why I decided to get some actual clarity. A little while ago I went for a fertility MOT at Wickford’s Bourn Hall.

#whatkatydidUK, sponsored postThrough a consultation, a series of blood tests and an internal pelvic scan (no worse than a smear test for anyone reading and wincing) they were able to give me a proper picture of where I stood in terms of future fertility (NB for anyone thinking about doing the same, they will also usually do a tubal patency test – basically they pop dye through your fallopian tubes to check they’re not blocked – but I didn’t need this I ‘d already had it done pre-IVF.)

My results were reassuringly average for a 34-year-old mum-of-one. My egg reserve is just starting to dip, but still good… for my age. But by being proactive like this, it does mean I no longer have the bliss of ignorance.
If I want a second baby, it’s highly unlikely it’ll happen post 40. But I don’t want another right now.

Am I mad to be thinking about freezing my eggs before I hit 35?!

Bourn Hall is currently offering half price health and wellbeing checks at its clinics. To find out more, go to or call 01954 717210. 

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