I’m loving… SS17 Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley SS17, Spring Print Petticoat Pinafore

In store soon: Laura Ashley’s SS17 collection

I think all mummies have in their head an idea of the kind of mother they’ll be.

And the spring/summer 17 Laura Ashley collection (in stores nationwide on January 31st) basically brings to picture perfect life the look I’d love to live.

Seventies-inspired, its nostagic touches bring to mind a more innocent time.

A dash of hippy, and more than a bit milkmaid-esque, it’s Laura Ashley back to its mummy-at-kitchen-table-designed best.

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Previous seasons have drawn inspiration from the Fifties and Sixties, but this year, designers are positively revelling in the Seventies, and I honestly adore it. Continue reading


Today I’m loving… clocks to spring forward with

It’s Easter Sunday AND Daylight Saving Time starts today too…

Butterfly Clock Red, Red Candy

Butterfly Clock Red, £135, Red Candy

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Today I’m loving… birdhouses!

Spring is certainly sprung and finches and song sparrows are starting to arrive in our Essex gardens… meaning it’s totally time to update your birdhouse (or treat yourself to one if your plot is currently house or feeder-less!)

Mr and Mrs Birdee Birdhouse

Mr and Mrs Birdee Birdhouse, £9.95, Furnish

We have two birdhomes and one house-style feeder here at High Tide – as of yet no feathered friends have taken up residence, but I’m living in hope that this spring (our second here) things will be different. Continue reading

The meaning of spring flowers…

There are few things that signal spring as sweetly as the seemingly overnight arrival daffodils in our gardens, by the roadside and in woods across the county.

daffodil katy pearson

Never give just one daffodil…it’s considered bad luck!

Known as Lent Lilies, daffodils (narcissi if we are to use their formal name) are the most popular flower for Easter decorations, flowering anytime from January through to April. So bedded in tradition are they that Prince Charles is paid the sum of one annual daffodil as a rent payment for the unattended lands of the Isles of Scilly.

But like most blooms there are plenty of myths attached to them. Did you know it’s is bad luck to bring in a single daffodil into your home? Doing so, it is said, will bring misfortune upon the house.

So always bring a bouquet, if you intend to give daffodils as a gift, as this will bring good fortune to the house.

And even before they’ve been picked, daffodils are rife with superstitions. It is said if you step, stomp, or trample on a bed of daffodils, bad luck will find you. However, if you make a great effort to avoid stepping on a daffodil, you will be rewarded good fortune (so keep that in mind when admiring them in their hundreds at Warley Place Nature Reserve, just south of Brentwood.) Continue reading

Today I’m loving… springtime sunshine

Hurrah!! The sun is shining and spring is *totally* here.

All I can think about is getting my little garden all gorgeous and top of my little wish list is a pretty parasol.

Rather like this one.

Sywawa Shadylace while parasol, £280

Sywawa Shadylace white parasol, £280

Parasols have long been with us, reportedly they existed some 4,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, Assyria and China and were made from natural sources like  eucalyptus and palm branches, but I doubt they have ever been as lovely as the ones around today.

Now all I need is for the sun to carry on shining into the weekend…

Sywawa Shadylace white parasol, £280, Go Modern: gomodern.co.uk

Today I’m loving… putting down roots

I have ALWAYS wanted an apple tree. I know it’s not necessarily the most exciting of items to hanker after, but since a was a little girl I have dreamed of having a garden where an apple tree grows.

Katy Pearson apple tree

I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do – Willa Cather, 1913

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Ready for Spring?

The snowdrops are out…it’s time to get your garden looking gorgeous!

The Echo newspaper Katy Pearson

The Echo newspaper

The Daily Gazette Katy pearson

The Daily Gazette