Today I’m loving… recycled finds

You can sometimes see the most lovely things on an evening stroll.

A gorgeous sunset. Blossoms busting into life on the branches of a previously bare tree. A fireplace surround from about 1910, about to be dumped…

Recycled find Katy Pearson
The fireplace surround that was being dumped and is now in our snug!

Yup. This fireplace surround is now back at High Tide, the perfect finish for the fireplace in our snug.

It had been left for a week (yes, a week!) outside a house in our street and was in danger of rotting in the rain when we picked it up. (I say we, the husband did the heavy lifting!)

It’s not actually fixed in place yet, but having stood it in position it looks like it should always have been there.

What. A. Result.

Now I just need to find someone throwing out a cast iron fireplace which we can pop in our bedroom and we’re laughing…

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