50 best new season coats

Oh hello autumn! From capes and trenches to parkas and macs, this’ll have your winter coat all wrapped up…

Life and Home in Essex magazine, Katy Pearson, fashion, coatsLife and Home in Essex magazine, fashion, Katy Pearson, coatsLife and Home in Essex magazine, Katy Pearson, fashion, coats

My chat with Holly Willoughby

This Morning co-host Holly Willoughby has just launched her latest collection for online store Very. The 31-year-old mother of two is known for her wrap dresses, ample cleavage and bouncy blonde locks. But when we chatted over afternoon tea at Claridge’s hotel, she revealed how her mother helps inspire her range.Holly Willoughby and Katy Pearson

‘Mum is a real high-street shopper, like me, and she loves dresses, but they’re always too short,’ explains Holly. ‘It halves the shops available to her so I make sure that, within my collection, there is always quite a lot that is knee length.’

So, does Holly have a style tip that she can share? ‘I think you’ve got to start with the underwear,’ she tells me. ‘It’s like a good house has to have a good foundation. I really believe in sturdy underwear. Those hold-in pants are a girl’s best friend – whatever age you are – and a bra that ‡fits you really well.’ Continue reading