Dinner party cheat

I’m a big fan of chocolate. And dinner parties. But I’m not a natural born cook. As such I’m always looking for ingenious ways to cheat my way to new culinary heights.

So I was delighted to be invited to spend an afternoon with Sweet Treat baker Lily Vanilli, learning how to create a cheeky – and super easy – dessert.

Katy Pearson

The Cadbury Crispello Tower is the perfect party piece (I guess it’s so long to the profiteroles!)

Requiring minimal effort for maximum reward it’s almost impossible to get this one wrong.

Lily Vanilli said “A whole tower of chocolate is surely everyone’s dream! Simply assemble, choose your topping (dark, milk or white chocolate) and watch your friends look on in awe.”

At Lily’s East London Bakery she took me step-by-step through the tower creation. Here’s what we did…

Katy Pearson


Approx 60 Cadbury Crispello pieces (approximately 6 sharing bags)
150g milk or dark chocolate


Decorate with wafer or edible flowers

Step 1 Dip the base of a Cadbury Crispello in melted chocolate and start to stick the pieces in place in a pyramid shape.

Step 2 Drizzle your Cadbury Crispello pieces in melted milk or white chocolate.

Step 3 Add the finishing touches with some wafer pieces, edible flowers and crushed Cadbury Crispello pieces.

PS Edible glitter is a great addition I discovered. Lily also showed us how to roll some cherries in egg-white and then coat them in edible glitter. They looked almost too good to eat!

Get more at www.facebook.com/cadburyuk

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