My chat with… TOWIE’s Maria Fowler

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New mum Maria Fowler: Top beauty tip for mums? Apply a daily moisturiser that has a gradual self tan

What and where is your favourite Essex beauty salon/spa?
I used to love Beaus and Belles in Buckhurst Hill and Lifehouse Spa in Colchester

What one beauty product/tool could you not live without?
Definitely mascara

What’s the biggest beauty mistake you’ve ever made?
I think probably drawing my eyebrows on a bit too much when I was younger!

Has your beauty regime changed over the past decade?
Definitely. I take much more care of my skin now. And in terms of makeup I would say I have advanced a lot and learnt so many tricks to enhance my features.

And how has your beauty regime changed since you’ve become a mum?
It’s become a lot more rushed! I don’t get half the time I used to, to get ready to go out, so if I do get a bit more time then it’s a real treat!

What is your beauty pet hate?
I can’t stand the “Instagram” eyebrow trend of drawing on the same cloned eyebrows on everybody, what suits one person might or suit another, it’s about finding what’s right for you.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given? Who gave you it?
Blend, blend, blend! With makeup it is the blending that’s the important part! I don’t know who told me that, I may have just picked it up along the way.

As a mum of a baby girl, are you worried about the pressure on young girls to be pretty nowadays?
I do worry about it, but it’s important as a parent to bring them up with the right balance, I’m more than happy to teach her about makeup, but as long as Evie grows up to be polite, respectful and happy, then I’m happy.

What’s your top beauty tip for busy mums?
Just applying a daily moisturiser that has a gradual self tan in it can make you feel that bit more glam. Little things like that always help me, so when it comes to a night out it’s one less thing to think about doing.

And your top beauty tip for anyone?
Experiment, if you don’t like much on your eyes, try a bright lip for example. For older skin, try using cream based products instead of powder. W7 do some great cream highlighters which will give you a glow and make your skin look more youthful.

Do you have any beauty regrets?
I wouldn’t say so, it’s always good to experiment, if you don’t like it, try something else.

How long does it take you to do your make-up in the morning? And for a night out?
I actually don’t do it in the morning anymore, l probably wear mascara to the gym, but I’m always in a rush! For a night out I’d say an hour.

What do you like best about yourself? Is there anything you would change?
I think I like my eyes the best, but I would change my hairline! Sounds crazy, but I can’t wear my hair back – it really doesn’t suit me!

What are you working on now?
I’m working with W7, we have some great ideas for the next year and always launching exciting new products.

Do you think girls from Essex have a distinctive look?
I think Essex girls always look glam, they take a lot of time and effort in the way they look. I wouldn’t say they get bad press, there’s a stereotype, but Essex girls are no different to Manchester girls who are also very glam.

Whose look to you most admire and why?
When it comes to makeup I think Mario Dedivanovic is very talented, he is the makeup artist of Kim Kardashian and he creates some flawless looks. The Kardashian family as a whole are always very polished.

Where do you see your look in ten years from now?
More natural. I find as I get older the brows get less defined, the false lashes get more natural, the skin gets more dewey, so I think I will continue to head in that direction, which probably actually takes more makeup to achieve, I think defined brows and heavy eye makeup can age you once you hit a certain age, it’s finding the right balance.

What appealed to you about teaming up with W7?
I absolutely love how they have some amazing products at such a good price, I don’t believe you should have to spend loads to look good, the high street brands are really rivalling the high end brands now in terms of quality. I really believe in the brand which is why I love working with them.

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