Today I’m loving…all things pancake-related (obvs)

Hurrah! It’s Shrove Tuesday! Which means we can all eat an inordinate amount of pancakes (and sugar and ice cream and chocolate sauce) without feeling bad.

Frying pan
This egg frying pan in pink, £4.95, would be ideal for little pancakes I reckon…

And while I figure you might not be able to get these ordered and delivered in time for today’s pancake binge, they’re well worth picking up and popping in a kitchen cupboard for your next blow out.

Lemon squeezer
I don’t even like lemons…but I’d happily have this squeezer on my table for those that do!

PS Remember the secret to a great pancake is a smoking hot pan…and every good flipper hits the ceiling at least once.

Heart Whisk
Clearly your pancakes will be made with love with this heart whisk

Pink egg frying pan, £4.95, Dotcomgiftshop:

Lemon squeezer (4 pack), £25, EpicurioUK:

Heart Whisk with Silicone Coated Wires, £15.83, DCI:

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