Restaurant review: Nuvo, Leigh-on-Sea

By the husband (Gary Pearson)

NUVO, now I’m not sure what that means, but one thing’s for sure this place is fancy, really fancy.

It’s one of a new breed of kids on the Broadway block, and it’s sure making a statement.

Nuvo Leigh-on-Sea

The menu has a real air of class about it, but is it any good?

First up for me was “crispy duck”. It came with watermelon salad and some spiced, honey drizzled cashew nuts.

I’ve highlighted crispy duck, because it actually wasn’t that crispy at all. However, it was a very tasty start and the sweet, fresh combination worked surprisingly well. Although I’d like the duck crispy next time please!

My wife Katy went for English scallops, priced by the way, at a princely £11.95… It came with cauliflower puree, quince jam, crispy chorizo and a helping of cherry confit. All very upmarket.

Well, Katy certainly likes her scallops, but she’s never liked them quite like this. She was positively cooing over the little treasures. “Best ever” she simply said.

Of the many extravagent mains, my eye was drawn to a Nuvo signature dish, a trio of pasta…

Up it came, nests of squid Ink pasta nestled within a fish broth laced with basil cream, ravioli with cream spinach and prawn and last, but not least, Tortellini with mushroom, bacon and peas served in a tomato sauce.

What a treble treat. Three very different little dishes all very much holding their own in their selected corners of my plate. The black squid Ink pasta stole the show, within the broth there was delicate pieces of all types of fish. It was class.

Katy opted for the rolled belly of pork. It came with a soft polenta and rich gravy. I tried a bit and wasn’t massively impressed, however Katy enjoyed it immensely. Her silence throughout spoke volumes.

We were pretty sated after these two courses, but a dessert on any occasion is a must.

After some deliberation we decided to share Amalfi lemon panna cotta. It came with a selection of raspberries. Although not incredibly special, it was a decent way to end a more than decent meal.

Nuvo is the new boy in town, and on this performance he’s likely to be around for quite a while.

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