Today I’m loving…Wellington boot planters

On my wedding day it snowed. A lot. Thankfully my blue suede custom-made, vintage-style shoes (by Emmy) were saved by my mum’s quick thinking and a pair of pink Wellington boots.

For years those boots languished in our shed. They were my wedding wellies, so I didn’t want to wear them all the time. But I didn’t know quite what to do with them.

Katy Pearson wedding wellies
My wedding day wellies in their new incarnation as pansy planters

Then, last spring, inspiration struck. I decided to turn them into plant pots.  I stuck some compost and some pansies in them and (ta da!) the steps to our patio looked instantly brighter.

And now House of Fraser appear to have had the same fun idea. Its new Wellington boot planter, £30, is every bit as fabulous as my home-made pair and come minus the wedding back story.

Wellington boot planter, £30
Wellington boot planter, £30

Happy gardening everyone!

Wellington boot planter, £30, House of Fraser: 0207 0034 000,

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