Today I’m loving…sweet sugar jars

I don’t drink tea. Or coffee. So my need for a sugar jar isn’t especially high. But I’m a real sucker for a sweet one.

Stripe Sugar Storage Jar
Stripe Sugar Storage Jar, £13.50

Until recently, I’ve always gone for sets of tea, coffee and sugar canisters, but I’m seriously thinking about mixing and matching.

And jars like these are the reason!

Pastel Glass Jar Freemans
Pastel Glass Jar, £12

I still think I’ll match up our tea and coffee pots. But I can’t help but want to go for something especially sweet to store our sugar in.

Daisy Ceramic Sugar Bowl With Spoon, £10
Daisy Ceramic Sugar Bowl With Spoon, £10

And once you start looking, there’s sooo much choice.

RHS Strawberry Sugar Bowl
RHS Strawberry Sugar Bowl, £15

Oh God, I could be here for a while…

Stripe Sugar Storage Jar, £13.50, Fairmont & Main kitchen collection at Glasswells:

Pastel Glass Jar, £12, Freemans:

Daisy Ceramic Sugar Bowl With Spoon, £10, the Easter Home:

Strawberry Sugar Bowl, £15, Royal Horticultural Society:

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