Today I’m loving… Sparrow & B children’s costumes

Sparrow and B children's costumes, Katy Pearson, Dino costume
Awesome Dino costume by Sparrow & B, £39.47

Admittedly Sonny Jim is a *little* young to start rocking this, but OMG how CUTE is this Sparrow & B dino costume?!

Sparrow & B was founded in 2013 by creatives Sandi & Belinda and the pair are designers and creators of gorgeous children’s costumes and accessories.

All products are 100 per cent ethically handmade in Melbourne, Australia, by the pair and a small team – but, yay for us here in the UK, they ship worldwide.

Designs draw inspiration from the world around us, and the mythical worlds of magic and mayhem. And costumes range from crowns and masks to hooded animal capes and feathered bird wings.

The colourful and textural fabrics found across the range are a bonus for sensory play and help to ignite a sense of wild adventure and possibility.

My favourite is the dino… but in fairness I’d happy put the little guy in any of them!

I think it’s safe to say Sonny Jim is basically going to spend his childhood dressed up in outfits like this!

Check out more cute costumes at

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