Today I’m loving… baby sensory rooms!

Prior to having Sonny Jim, the Megacentre Rayleigh was not exactly top of my list of places to hang out.

The flagship facility at Rayleigh Weir offers Megazone laser tag games and softplay sessions on a massive climbing frame/ball pit thing.

Though there’s a cafe there, it’s clearly as place for people with little folk in tow. And I thought I still had a couple of years – at least – before I’d be joining their ranks.

However, one of my NCT mummy chums enlightened me to the fact there’s actually a baby sensory room (to be used by the under fours) tucked away in the cavernous building.

The room can be booked out for exclusive use, or you can simply check out when the room can be used by your child’s age group and go along just the two of you.

For just £2 each, Sonny Jim and his five buddies from my NCT group (along with their mums, obvs) could enjoy a full on sensory experience.

And the little guy LOVED it. In particular, the corner with the mirrored walls and the light tower was great for tummy time. All the babies seemed to love the disco ball lighting (so much so there is talk among us about buying them for our homes!) and the light ropes really encourage them to grab (while lying on comfy cushions, naturally.)

Sonny Jim was really alert after his half hour in the room – and that night he slept fabulously. So we were winning all round.

It’s not going to be long before we’re back there again…

To find out more, go to



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