Step away from those parenting books – you’re all your baby needs

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Step away from the books… your baby just needs you

I’m a total bookworm. In my pre-Sonny Jim days, a week’s holiday would see me easily plough through about a dozen books. One of my thumbs actually bends back a bit further than it should, having spent so much of my formative years propping open hardbacks.

And yet when I was pregnant I did not read any parenting books. And when Sonny Jim arrived I didn’t crack open any guides to motherhood.

I’m not even sure why. I don’t know whether they just intimidated me a bit. Or if there was perhaps a bit of arrogance – me being determined to do it my way. Of course, there was always Dr Google, and a million different articles online which I often dipped into, but to be honest, I tended to seek out things that supported my own way of thinking – rather than looking for other people to tell what to do. Continue reading

Why church playgroups are a real godsend

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Play time: Sonny Jim in the garden at Bright Starts

Despite my mum, and my new sister-in-law both being priests, I haven’t actually spent that much time hanging around churches in recent years.

Yes, my little lad was Christened last year, but much to my poor reverend ma’s chagrin, we’re not exactly what you could call church regulars.

However, over the past couple of months there has been something of a change afoot.

The reason? Church playgroups.

Honestly, I can’t praise (sorry, couldn’t resist) them (yes, we go to more than one!) enough.

Entertaining little ones, especially once they start crawling and toddling about, can be expensive. Lots of mummy and baby classes require you to sign up and pay for a term in one hit. Of course, as soon as you do, your baby then decides the hour in which the class is held is now their new nap time. Continue reading

Picture imperfect – behind the cuteness

Sonny Jim, Katy Pearson, baby pictures

The pictures behind a single snap: Getting nice photos of babies is actually not that easy!

Posting pictures of your baby online – along with posting pictures of your pregnancy scans – can be a bit of a divisive subject.

Some are vehemently anti it – look at their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram page and you’ll find little trace of their little folk. Others share *literally* everything. On a daily basis you’ll know what the little mite has had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, every single activity they’ve been involved in, and quite possibly their bowel movements too.

I make no apology for being a bit of a #babybore (though with the exception of my husband and my NCT mummy chums I have never felt the need to keep people updated on how many poops Sonny Jim has had – yet.)

Continue reading

Today I’m loving… baby sensory rooms!

Prior to having Sonny Jim, the Megacentre Rayleigh was not exactly top of my list of places to hang out.

The flagship facility at Rayleigh Weir offers Megazone laser tag games and softplay sessions on a massive climbing frame/ball pit thing.

Though there’s a cafe there, it’s clearly as place for people with little folk in tow. And I thought I still had a couple of years – at least – before I’d be joining their ranks. Continue reading

Today we’re loving… baby massage for dads!

Gary Pearson, Sonny Pearson, Sonny Jim, Basking Babies, baby massage

Daddy gets to grips with some baby massage!

By the husband (Gary Pearson)

I have to admit I was a little dubious about Basking Babies’ Baby Massage for Dads class, I thought it very much sounded like something “for Mums”.

Nevertheless I agreed to give it a whirl, and I’m glad I did, as the little lad loved it!

As part of the Basking Babies holistic health and happiness programme the 90-minute session took place in instructor Becca’s front room in Leigh-on-Sea. Fellow instructor Lianne ran the session. The mums can come along too and enjoy a cup of tea and cake (and a chat) in the kitchen while the dads get down to business. Continue reading

Mummy lessons learnt – newborn to six weeks

Katy Pearson mother to Sonny

Sonny James

Okay. So I’m not going to go into the whole birth thing. Suffice to say it hurts. A lot. But you get an actual baby (hey Sonny!) at the end of it, so it’s all good.

But after six weeks of being a mama to a little boy I love more than life itself there are a few things I have discovered…

  • Poop talk is now your staple conversation topic. Poonamis will be discussed over dinner. You have actual pictures of poo on your phone. And you’re not afraid to group WhatsApp them. You will even leave voicemails about poo. Unashamedly.

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