The Art of Gifting (just in time for Mother’s Day…)

Laura Marrs, SageLoves, #whatkatydidUK
SageLoves: Founder Laura Marrs

Sick of shopping, but still want to get gorgeous gifts for the people you care about? I chat to Essex mum-of-two LAURA MARRS of personalised gift-finding service SageLoves about present buying and hint-dropping…  

Q When did you set up SageLoves, and how does it work?

A SageLoves has been my brain child for the past year. I was always on the hunt for small unique brands to gift to friends and family, and in turn was always asked to hunt out gifts for them… that’s when my idea was born! Finally, I was able to put finger to touch screen six months ago, when I launched SageLoves website and social media platforms.

In a nutshell SageLoves is a personalised gift finding service with the added benefit of membership deals and discounts. You sign up, give me the brief and leave the rest to me. It’s the red-carpet treatment, no trawling the shops, internet etc…I work closely with a huge range of independent and unique brands and together a gift for specific occasions can be found.

Q Do you think we are losing the art of gifting?

A In a way, yes. I think it’s so easy to just give someone a gift voucher and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that (believe me, as a working mum of two I do this!) but getting something a little more personal, or unique really is so special, it’s all about creating memories.

Q What one tip would you give to people about buying good presents for people?

A My one tip would be to buy throughout the year, don’t put pressure on yourself to buy that perfect gift for your best friend with only one week to go! If you see the perfect present six months before the event, then buy it or at least diarise for one-month pre-event, else you’ll kick yourself for forgetting what that perfect item was and chances are you won’t find anything as good… then you’ll be forced to panic buy, which in turn will probably cost you double and won’t be as good!

And men. Listen to your women folk, we hint constantly about what we like. Write these things down in the notes of your phone and life will become so much easier, but if you are stuck then drop me a line and I will organise everything for you from presents to cards, experiences to weekends away! Also, shop local and independent this is key to finding something unique, personalised and from the heart.

Girl Friday
Unique: Made by Girl Friday

Q What’s your best ever Mother’s Day gift been?

A I’ve still fairly new to this Mother’s Day malarkey, but when I was pregnant with Artie my husband bought me a pregnancy massage voucher plus afternoon tea. It was wonderful just to have a break for a few hours and relax, sometimes just a bit of you time is all you need to feel slightly normal again. Since having kids I’ve realised how precious “you” time really is, so gifting something which means getting a bit of peace for a few hours is welcomed by any mother or grandmother!

Q You have two young children, a part-time job in London and run SageLoves… how do you juggle it all?

A I have a little girl Etta who just turned three and a cheeky boy called Artie who is one. Once the kids are in bed I then start work on SageLoves. The great thing about social media is that it’s so mobile. I can be on the train to work and come across the most fabulous idea for a pressie. Being a working mum is hard, but I just have to manage my time as best as I can. Luckily, I have a very supportive husband and a fantastic circle of friends and family. There is so much pressure on women these days to be perfect and keep up appearances, sometimes you’ve just got to sit back and say, “I need help.” For me SageLoves is a little escape though.

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SageLoves’ top Mother’s Day gift

  1. Black and Sigi letter collection necklace. £35. Get 20 per cent off at
  2. Vino Vero Gin tasting experience voucher for two. £40. Vouchers can be bought at or by calling 01702 808 251.
  3. Wilma’s Bakery kids personalised Mother’s Day cupcakes. £15 for a box of 6. Visit the Leigh-on-Sea bakery with the kids and they can create their own personal drawing which will be magically made into edible creations on the top of cupcakes.
  4. XO Happy Girl original illustrated family portrait. £24.50 plus p&p. Each illustration is entirely bespoke and take 5-7 working days. To order email or go to

And for nan…

Girl Friday embroidered creations include best nanny ever hanging hoops, embroidered hankies and personalised mini pillows. Get for 10 per cent off at

This feature was also published in the March issue of Essex Living magazine

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