Secrets of a sweet shop after dark

When I was a child I truly believed that when I left the room my toys came alive. I used to creep back into my bedroom to try and catch them at their games.

So when I was invited to spend an evening at Hope and Greenwood’s Covent Garden sweetie shop – after closing – I simply had to say yes.Katy Pearson Hope and Greenwood

And I must confess that being let loose in this retro sweet emporium was frightfully fun – even more so than my three-year-old self could have imagined.

Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood (owners of the sugar heaven that is Hope and Greenwood) are simply a delight. I was treated to an array of edible table titillations and tea cups of Hendrick’s Gin and Tea (FYI it’s a phenomenal combination) to celebrate the launch of their new book Miss Hope’s Teatime Treats (£12.99, out now).

Miss Hope demonstrated how to tart up your vegetables by making Radish mushrooms, Strawberry fans and Tomato water lilies. Oh and one mustn’t forget the Celery trees. The experience was as sweet as the sugar coated candy in the jars that surrounded us.

The following morning my poor husband’s lunch resembled a (slightly bizarre) forest, as I put the tips to good use. And while I still haven’t caught any toys running riot after dark, I do now at least know what goes on in sweet shops after dark.

You drink Gin Tea and make funny faces out of strawberries of course. Just as I always suspected…

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