Today I’m loving…this Nessie Ladle!

This ladle has proven extremely popular, and it’s not exactly hard to see why is it? It’s bloody brilliant!

Nessie Ladle
I *need* this Nessie ladle in my life!


Designed by Ototo for American firm Animi Causa, it costs a mere $15.99 – about £10.50 – and is being released in February, but it’s going to take us rather longer than that now to get our mitts on it over here. High demand means the firm is now only ‘accepting only back orders for late May’. *Sobs*

Nessie Ladle
It’s a Loch Ness Monster soup ladle!

Nessie Ladle, $15.99,

ADD APRIL 26: Oh joy of joy… Not on the High Street now has this ladle in stock for £12.95. Yay!

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