Today I’m loving… pretty (and) practical Backdoorshoes!

Footwear for pottering in the garden is easily sorted in summertime – yes flip flops I’m looking at you – but come the depths of winter, it’s not quite as simple. Especially when you’re eight months pregnant and even seeing your feet is becoming more of an achievement with every passing day. (Boots and me are a total no-go now…)

Meadow shoes, £20, Backdoorshoes
Meadow shoes, £20, Backdoorshoes

Which is why I’m a new devotee to Backdoorshoes! Perfect (as the name suggests!) for leaving at the backdoor, these slip-ons are soft, extremely lightweight, water-proof and super comfortable.

I opted for the Meadow Backdoorshoes design – the pretty print on which was created in association with Meadow in my Garden, suppliers of high quality seeds to promote inner city and rural wild flower growth to increase Bee and Butterfly numbers. Beautiful!

Meadow shoes, £20, Backdoorshoes:


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