Ooo a big night out did you say?

Sponsored, Big Bingo Bash, Katy Pearson Before falling pregnant with Sonny Jim, I was a big fan of a proper night out with the girls.

But, aside from one night about seven years ago at a holiday camp in Devon, bingo has not ever been on my night out agenda.

But that could all be about to change.

Big Bingo Bash is coming to Mecca Bingo Southend on Saturday, March 4. It’s set to be an exciting evening which will integrate bingo with other fun concepts, including the chance to win a holiday (a 7-day sunshine holiday for two.)

Sponsored post on What Katy DidThere will also be a Rock-E-Oke competition on stage, an interactive “app” wall (think Saturday Night Takeaway ‘Win The Ads’ style) and a cashgrabber box (where someone will win the chance to enter a glass box and grab as much money as they can.)

And if that wasn’t enough, there will also be a live band, a DJ and an entertaining host for the evening at Greyhound Shopping Park, Southend.  Plus food and drink and possibly a selfie station! The bar opens at 6pm, with the first games starting at 7.30ish and the night is for over 18s only (obviously.) Tickets are £20, but early birds can bag them now for £15 – click here to book.

The whole evening is geared up for lasses like me who aren’t your traditional bingo night crowd (no blue rinses here!) So I think I’m going to just have to give it a whirl. Now all I need to do is figure out when my pre-baby heels and LBDs are…

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