Review: Boxwild’s Bird Feeder Gift Box

fruit feeder, Boxwild, Katy Pearson #whatkatydid
Fabulous – the fruit feeder in action

Here’s a little confession. I’m a bit of a birder.

Ever since the hubby and I lived for eight years in a teeny-tiny old mill cottage in the middle of nowhere, I’ve loved looking out for the birds fluttering their way into our garden.

We had a pair of robins (one fat, one skinny) that seemed to come back every year and they were joined by an array of other breeds as the seasons unfolded.

Now by the seaside, we don’t seem to play host to quite as many different birds… but the ones that do visit I’m super keen to encourage to keep coming back!

Which is why this Bird Feeder Gift Box which contains all the essentials to help you feed your birds is ticking all my, er, boxes.

Boxwild bird feeder gift box, bird feeding, Katy Pearson, #whatkatydid
Boxwild: Seed packs, scoop, fruit feeder and bird feeder

It includes three regular sized seed blends – Boxwild Blend, Songbird Blend and All Season’s Blend with a bird feeder along with a fruit feeder (looking lovely up here in Leigh-on-Sea!) and a seed scoop.

The seeds are created in kitchens in Surrey to give optimum nutrition for our gardens’ birds. Boxwild also make a 50p donation from every box sold to various Wildlife Charities to support the wonderful work they do.

I love this so much it has made it on to my 6 of the best… gifts for dads ahead of Father’s Day. It really is a brilliant gift for any bird lovers out there!

PS Even the filling in the box doesn’t get wasted. Pop it into a fat ball feeder in Spring and ta-da, nesting materials for birds.

Bird Feeder Gift Box, £28, Boxwild:

I was gifted this box by Boxwild to review

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