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Like a regular mom: A’s report

Me and superstar Beyoncé don’t exactly have much in common.

I mean, she’s an international icon, has sold more than 160 million records, counts the Obamas as personal friends and has been named the most powerful female in entertainment by Forbes – twice.

I’m a WFH mum, from Canvey, who struggles to get my eyeliner flicks to match.

But motherhood unites women in sometimes the strangest of ways.

And on Sunday night, at the Grammy awards, Jay-Z’s wife showed that it actually doesn’t matter how rich and famous you are – to your kids, you’re still just mum.

I can’t explain how much I love the fact that Beyoncé smuggled six-year-old daughter Blue Ivy snacks into the Grammys, in her (very expensive designer) purse.

She even had a juice box on hand for her daughter to help her make it through the ceremony.

And as the 60th annual Grammy Awards were full-swing, there sat Beyoncé – of Say My Name and Halo fame – snacks in hand, diligently passing them to her daughter to munch away at.

I mean. I know I’m Sonny Jim’s snack slave and my bag/pockets/car are generally stuffed with veggie sticks and corn puffs and (half-eaten) bananas, but it appears SO ARE BEYONCE’S.

She might have been wearing diamonds worth more than six million dollars, but sat there with her daughter she could have been any busy mother, trying to keep her youngster happy at not-particularly child-friendly event.

And what’s more, not only is she #snackbitch to her little girl, it appears Beyoncé is not above being found irritating by her too. At one point Blue Ivy was captured gesturing at Beyoncé and Jay-Z to calm down and stop clapping. Honestly. If even Beyoncé can embarrass her daughter then I guess we’re all doing just fine, mamas.

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