My chat with… Storage Hunters’ Sean Kelly

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Star of Storage Hunters: Sean Kelly

SEAN Kelly is not a man easily missed.

The ever-smiling, ever-shouting auctioneer off hit TV show Storage Hunters isn’t acting when he’s on our screens – he really is that larger than life.

We caught up ahead of his night of stand-up and charity auction at the Palace Theatre next week.

So just what are we going to get from this big, bald American’s show I ask?

“The biggest challenge we’ve been having, is trying to communicate is that me, Green Mile and T-Money, have been stand-up comedians for 19 years and that we started off in comedy at the comedy store in California,” he explains.

“People don’t realise Storage Hunters came much later. I got in the auction business about seven years after I started doing stand-up, and when I learnt how to make money at the storage auctions that’s when I taught T-Money how to come and make money. Continue reading