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Katy Pearson bra fitting

Almost two-thirds of women wear the wrong-sized bra, a survey by Triumph International has revealed. Some 64 per cent of us dress in poorly fitting underwear and while it’s recommended that you have a bra fitting every six months, I can’t remember the last time I had one.

A cursory look through my underwear drawer reveals that the bras I currently wear aren’t even the same size. For example, I appear to have three 32C bras, two size 32B and even a rogue 34D. Clearly I’m wearing the wrong size – at least some of the time. So what size am I? I went to find out…

The experience: Rigby & Peller’s bra specialists pride themselves on being able to t by eye. This is a skill that takes six months to learn. Straight away I’m told by the tter that I’m definitely wearing the wrong size.
Bra recommended: 30E or 28DD.

The experience: I’m measured below my bust – and told it reaches the 30 mark. I’m given a series of bras to try on, starting with a 32DD (which rather squishes my bust), then a 30DD (which feels tight across my back), followed by a 30E (with no added padding), which felt rather loose.
Bra recommended: 30E if padded, 28E if not.

The experience: I’m measured below and above my bust. This gives a measurement of 30. I try a 30DD and a 32D. My fitter’s concern is that the wiring on the cup doesn’t press against the side of my bust.
Bra recommended: 30DD, or 32D if the padded area gapes at the top of cup.

The experience: I’m asked what size I’m currently wearing (32C). The tape looped around under my bust says I’m a 28. My fitter suggested I try on a 30C and a 32C. As long as the underwire is sitting Šflush to my chest, the fitter is happy.
Bra recommended: 32C, or 32B if the padded bra gapes at the top of the cup.

Bra sizes vary from store to store and style to style. If you are investing in a new bra, have a fitting at the shop you plan to buy it from. And tell your fitter what you want from your bra, be it maximum support, an enhanced cleavage or a sleek silhouette. But whatever your preferred style, a well-fitted bra should look and feel good.


Your bra’s underband is riding up your back
Your bra’s underband is rubbing against your skin
Your breasts are spilling over the cups
Your breasts are spilling out of the sides
The underwires aren’t sitting against your breastbone
The cups are wrinkled or the foam cup sits away at the top of the bra
The shoulder straps are digging in

Feature first published in the Lady magazine

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