Let’s talk about last night… at Southend’s Big Bingo Bash

Katy Pearson, Big Bingo Bash, Southend
Big Bingo Bash: Mama *attempting* a night off

Okay, here’s a confession. I *did* go to Mecca’s first ever Big Bingo Bash (held in Southend) last night.

But I didn’t, sadly, stay that long. Sonny Jim is literally FULL of cold and the poorly little pickle’s can’t-sleep-coughing-too-much kinda of scuppered my mama’s night off plans.

HOWEVER. What I was there for, was tremendous. I drank Prosecco, scoffed a mini platter of naughty nibbles, bopped along in my seat to the band and dancers, laughed along with host Steve Walls and even played a bit of bingo too (though I didn’t win any prizes. Damn it. I’m not at all jealous of that person who won the 7-day sunshine holiday for two.)

Sponsored post on What Katy DidThe room – which was rather massive – was packed. There was not a blue rinse in sight, just lots of lasses done up to the nines and a few chaps, most of whom, I imagine, had been dragged along to drive their tipsy ladies home at the end of the night.

Though I didn’t get to properly enjoy myself (mum life for you!), Big Bingo Bashes are clearly going to be a, er, big thing in the future. If you haven’t got an 11-month-old with a hacking cough to stop you throwing yourself into it, and fancy a proper laugh with the girls, I’d get yourself along to the next one. I certainly plan to!

Find out more about nights at Mecca Bingo Southend, at http://www.meccabingo.com/bingo-clubs/southend

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about last night… at Southend’s Big Bingo Bash

  1. My husband and I were there and it was fab!! Week long holidays! We said that beats a night out with two fat ladies ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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